Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Working in stealth mode will kill your projects

Adrian Crook writes this in Techvibes:
Just last week I was on a call with a potential investor when he mentioned a colleague whose startup was in "stealth mode."  Which instantly reminded me of one of my favourite quotes. It came from Howard Aiken, anearly pioneer of computing:  "Don't worry about people stealing an idea.  If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats."
Though the article was directed towards CEOs of start up companies, the advice is relevant for anyone conducting a scientific research project.  'Collaboration' has been a buzzword for as long as I can remember, which in research usually doesn't directly translate into 'teamwork', as green researchers are apt to believe.  Rather good 'collaborative' efforts means situations with 'multiple complementary people working towards a common goal'.
To make these take off, scientists should steal adopt strategies that sometimes become mantra among businessfolk.  Get in the mindset that the project in your care is a small startup and don't fall into these stealth mode traps mentioned on Techvibes:
  1. Nobody wants to steal your idea.
  2. Most people will never even hear of your startup.
  3. You leave stones unturned.
  4. Opportunity often takes a long time to knock.
  5. Get honest feedback when you can use it.
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