Monday, January 21, 2013

Creativity is literally in your mind

Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner at TAXI writes about the thought processes occurring during creative thinking:
The dorsolateral prefrontal region of the brain is responsible for, among other things, intellectual regulation. It includes the brain’s censorship bureau; the bit of the brain that prevents us from saying or doing inappropriate things. It allows us to control impulses and to choose appropriate courses of behavior according to circumstances. It seems that in highly creative people, this part of the brain becomes much less active than normal during the period of creation. This makes sense. If you can reduce the level of thought regulation when generating creative work (whether ideas, music, artwork), then fewer ideas will be filtered out as inappropriate and more will be developed and shared.
Among other things, the dorsolateral prefrontal region is also involved in deception.  Which, I guess, can fall under the umbrella of "preventing us from saying or doing inappropriate things".