Monday, April 14, 2014

Called It: Artificial Blood from iPS Cells

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reports that the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service is looking into the safety of stem cell derived blood:
A team of scientists led by SNBTS director Marc Turner, M.D., Ph.D. is heading the project, which reflects the combined efforts of the BloodPharma consortium, which has benefited from a Strategic Award, provided by the Wellcome Trust, in the amount of £5 million (approximately $8.4 million). 

The research funded by the award involves multiplying and converting pluripotent stem cells into red blood cells for use in humans, with the aim of making the process scalable for manufacture on a commercial scale.
It's a study to test transfusions using small amounts of blood (5mL), but nevertheless it will be real stem cell derived blood.

I called it back in 2010.