Monday, December 2, 2013

Christophe Lambert of Golden Helix, on the Utility of Electronic Health Records

Christophe Lambert, Chairman of Golden Helix Inc., recently gave a great lecture on the many facets of the health system can be improved using different approaches to analyzing the wealth of information in health records.  He captures the general idea at around 41:00:
I've done some interesting work a project with Medco and Golden Helix , where we were looking at millions of patients records for drug safety and efficacy. 

The end game that we were envisioning, was if you're sick, it would be great to look at tens of millions of records to find patients who were similar to you, anonymously, but then find out evidence based, what courses of treatment led to the best outcomes, and have a set of possibilities to present to a doctor as here are the many outcomes of various drugs, various treatments, and so forth.
Check it out on his Vimeo channel.