Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Converting Philanthopists Into Investors

At The Cross-Border Biotech Blog, Wayne Schnarr asks:
High net-worth individuals and families – In my previous blog, I wondered how these people became healthcare angels. These are not the individuals who donate $5 million or more and have their name placed on a building – those are philanthropists. 
and more importantly:
Can philanthropists be turned into investors? Do the philanthropists know that if their donation results in a discovery with commercial potential, it may die because of the lack of early stage funding?
The remainder of his post outlines many financial hurdles facing new healthcare related companies, as well as a few possible solutions.  But the idea of converting philanthropists, who are happy to let go of their money, into investors, who will help the recipient of those funds hit larger goals, is a worthy one to dig deep into.