Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Article on Genetic Technology Patenting on Signals Blog

Another one of my short articles has been published on Signals Blog.  

This time, I look into arguments against Vernon Bowman, the farmer in Indiana who cleverly executed a selection experiment for Roundup Ready soybeans and in the process managed to recover Monsanto's products without paying licensing fees.

Unfortunately, it was so clever that he ran afoul of the United States Supreme court and ended up paying over $80 thousand in fines to the company.

As someone biased to the biotechnology industry (I'm basically in it), I have to take the stance that protecting genetic technology patents are necessary for a functioning industry and to encourage new investment and technology development.  Fortunately, that's the same argument the court took against Bowman so I'm not alone in my position.

I encourage you to read the article and share your thoughts either on this site or on Signals.