Monday, March 11, 2013

Bees Demonstrate How Caffeine Improves Your Memory

From New Scientist:
Bees given sugar water laced with caffeine were twice as likely to remember the scent – and stick their tongues out in anticipation – three days later, than bees fed on sugar alone.
Looking at how far bees will go to get their caffeine hit – and whether they willingly put themselves in danger – could answer a fascinating question, says Wright: "Can an insect become addicted to a drug?"
In mammals, caffeine inhibits adenoside receptors in the hippocampus, encouraging the formation of long-term memory, says the original Science article of this study.  Bees have a similar region of the brain and can model the same effect that caffeine has on humans.

Just another thing to ponder when you sit down to work or study with your usual cup of coffee or tea.

Link to article at New Scientist
Link to original Science Article